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Bring a Leadership Institute Program to Your Country

The Leadership Institute brings International programs to leaders, candidates and activists around the world through partnerships with conservative organizations and associations.

We can work with you and your organization to design a specific training event to meet your needs, or you can choose from one of our pre-planned programs. Programs may be held as separate events, or in conjunction with a currently scheduled event or conference.

Programming Details

Partner organizations are responsible for covering the direct costs for Leadership Institute to conduct the program.

A minimum of 50 participants are required for the length of any program, which must contain a minimum of 3 hours of continuous training.

Once a program is developed, payment of 50% of all costs must be paid 30 days in advance, and the remainder paid 7 days in advance.

Our staff will work with you.

We actively seek to build partnerships with conservative organizations and leaders around the world - it is the most popular way for us to bring training to those who need it globally. To get started, please complete the following form.

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Refund Policy

When a partner organization cancels program, the Leadership Institute will refund all payments made to LI for the conduct of the program, minus any expenses for flights, accommodations and related costs that LI, in its judgment, cannot reasonably recover.