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Brandon Blum

Regional Development Officer

Brandon Blum

Brandon Blum originally joined The Leadership Institute in June 2013 as a 2013-2014 Koch Associate working in development. He has since worked in donor relations and major gift development with other conservative organizations including the Goldwater Institute and Middle Resolution PAC. In July 2015 Brandon returned to the Leadership Institute as the Regional Development Officer for the newly created Mountain West Region. 

Though born in Chicago, Brandon grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. He went on to graduate Suma Cum Laude from St. Peter’s University in New Jersey with a B.S. degree in Economics. Prior to and after completing his degree, Brandon worked in Chicago’s financial and commodities markets. After recognizing the serious threat of growing socialist ideas among Americans, Brandon chose to join the conservative movement.

When not working with his fellow conservatives to spread the constitutional principles of freedom and liberty, Brandon enjoys excerising his second amendment rights, traveling, visiting friends and family, along with being an active member of his church. 

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