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Yana Myaskovskaya

Regional Development Officer

Yana Myaskovskaya

Yana Myaskovskaya serves as the Regional Development Officer for the Northeast Region.  She was a 2014-2015 Associate with the Charles Koch Institute’s Koch Associate Program.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yana discovered the ideas of individual liberty and limited government after reading Atlas Shrugged as a college freshman.  

Yana received her dual Bachelor of Arts in Art Theory and Practice and Animate Arts from Northwestern University and holds a Master of Arts from George Mason University in the History of Decorative Arts.

A 2005 Illinois State Champion debater, she founded her undergraduate alma mater's Collegiate Congressional Debate Association in 2007.  Her favorite topics include farming subsidies and the gold standard.

While working as a curator at a small historic house museum in Washington, D.C., Yana became frustrated with the poor management of many non-profit institutions and decided to switch career paths in order to advance conservative ideals.

When not actively promoting liberty, Yana enjoys hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, tennis, yoga, tea ceremonies, and Russian enamelware. Yana and her husband David have lived in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for six years.

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