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Patricia Rausch

Patricia Rausch

Director of Career Programs
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Patricia is the Director of Career Programs at LI. In addition to leading the careers division, she is in charge of the political and fundraising training division and serves as the non-finance human resources representative for LI, working with the executive team to update and draft new policies based on employee feedback. 

Under her leadership, but mainly through the hard work and dedication of her team, the careers division hosts twelve types of training and performs hundreds of career consultations per year (training more than 4500 and advising more than 2800 since 2013). The division staff also manage the intern program as well as all aspects of Conservative Jobs - the Institute's free job placement website - currently serving more than 2,000 job seekers and 400 recruiters.

The political and fundraising training division hosts the Campaign Management School, Future Candidate School, and in-house fundraising trainings. Since temporarily absorbing the division, the number of people trained increased by 90% from 2018 to 2019 and hit the highest number trained in any year since 2015. A large reason for the turnaround was hiring a former intern who impressed her two years earlier (never forget an internship is really just another job interviewer).

Prior to this position, she ran the Institute's online programs and - what now seems like a lifetime ago - was the Deputy Director of Grassroots where she got to travel and train conservative leaders and activists all around the country. She's now been to 48 states and wants you to guess which are the two she's missing. No, they aren't Hawaii and Alaska. 

Patricia came to LI in 2008 with a background in campaigns and grassroots organizing - spending time working on national, state, and local races. She likes to think she finally appeased her family's wishes of finding a "real job" although her friends from home still have no idea what she actually does. 

Raised in Rome, New York, Patricia graduated from the College at Brockport’s Delta Leadership Honors Program and holds a certificate in Human Resources from George Mason University. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys co-hosting a popular networking facebook group called Rules of Networking, sharing DC-area weekly events via her own listserve, and watching her husband grill copious amounts of meats and veggies on the Weber grill they acquired via the finest haggling of her life. She resides in Northern Virginia with her brilliant and handsome husband.

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