Online video library

with Lauren Evans
Video is one of the most important tools for marketing. Learn why video is important and how you can use Facebook Live to promote your message during this live lecture.
with Dawn Hawkins, Jared Reni
During this webinar, Dawn Hawkins will discuss the keys to her success as an issue-focused advocate: when and how to hold an elected official or business accountable, how to build a coalition, and how to recruit people to your movement.
with Cabot Phillips
Find out how to use videos and social media to build support for your cause. This webinar is perfect for conservative activists who want to develop attention-grabbing content for social media.
with Paul Van Remortel
Learn how to amplify your voice by rallying like-minded individuals from your community and beyond using the power of petitions.
with Nathan Fatal
Learn to recruit and mobilize conservatives on Facebook. This special webinar covers Facebook Graph Search.
with Matthias Shapiro
Watch this webinar to learn the benefits of visual data in messaging, including relatively low cost advertising.
with Timothy Dionisopoulos
Take your activism online. Watch this webinar to learn how to develop a comprehensive online strategy.
with Aaron Reese
Watch this webinar to learn how video activism can promote your cause, candidate, or organization. You will learn how to organize your camera shots, create your video from the ground up, and piece it all together in post-production.
with Jordan Lieberman
Watch this webinar to learn how new technology can benefit your campaign. Learn about the questions you have to ask yourself and any vendors, how to plan your campaign technology for your budget, and what to expect in 2016.
with Josiah Ryan
Watch this webinar to learn how to write attention grabbing headlines that get your work noticed.
with Timothy Kachuriak
Learn to go beyond a stagnant donation button on a webpage. Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize your fundraising efforts.
with Ericka Andersen
Watch this webinar to learn how you can grow your digital reach and build your brand using a personal mission statement, elevator pitch, and online presence.
with Paulo Sibaja
Learn how to use new technology like google glasses for creative political activism in this interactive webinar.
with Ian Crafford
Watch this webinar to ensure your candidate, cause, or organization uses online fundraising effectively.
with David Payne
Watch this webinar to learn how to use digital advertising for your organization.
with Paulo Sibaja
Watch this webinar to learn how to engage minority communities and build bridges.
with Gabriel Schaefer
Watch this webinar to learn how to manage an online fundraising campaign, measure data to improve results, take online fundraising beyond a donation button on your website, and make more money.
with Ravi Singh
Watch this webinar to learn to manage, mobilize, and keep track of your metrics using the best data software for your cause, candidate, or campaign.
with David Payne
Watch this webinar to learn how to connect with your audience through online campaigns.
with Abigail Alger
Watch this webinar to learn how social media has changed communication and how to use online tools to hone your message, influence your community, and shape the government.
with Abigail Alger
Watch this webinar to learn how to attract readers to your online community.
with Cord Blomquist, Alexandra Tooley
Watch this webinar to learn how to make your message go viral without paid advertising.
with Abigail Alger
Watch this webinar to learn how to effectively discuss and spread your views online.