Online video library

with Morton Blackwell
New generations of conservatives must learn the real nature of politics. Morton Blackwell has decades of experience teaching political leaders the tools to make an impact for their causes. Learn from his experience in this webinar.
with Steven Sutton
You can't win on Election Day if you don't get your voters out to the polls. This webinar trains you in the fundamentals for getting out the vote for your cause or candidate.
with Grover Norquist
Watch this webinar with coalition-building expert, Grover Norquist, to master the skills necessary to organize an effective coalition.
with Beverly Hallberg
During this webinar, Beverly Hallberg discusses debate strategy that you can learn to use for debating ideas. Watch this webinar to learn techniques used by expert debaters.
with Dario Paya
Watch this webinar to learn the basics of communicating your message. Ambassador Dario Paya shares how you should use your story to define yourself for voters.
with JC Hernandez
Watch this webinar to learn essential grassroots techniques to improve the viability of your candidate.
with Steven Sutton
Watch this webinar before declaring your candidacy and learn what you should consider before running for office.
with JC Hernandez
Watch this webinar to identify the lessons conservatives can learn from the 2012 and 2014 elections. JC Hernandez shares his experiences as a statewide field director for Mitt Romney.
with Chris Godbey
Watch this webinar to learn about campaign management. Chris Godbey covers all the components of the campaign plan, including research, strategy, messaging, tactics, organization, and budget.
with Steven Sutton
Watch this webinar to hear Steve Sutton discuss the top lessons conservatives can take away from the 2014 elections and how conservatives should prepare for the future.
with Patti Simpson, Bryan Bernys, Jeffrey Jezierski
Watch this webinar to learn how to join a presidential campaign from three conservatives with real campaign experience.
with Jordan Lieberman
Watch this webinar to learn how new technology can benefit your campaign. Learn about the questions you have to ask yourself and any vendors, how to plan your campaign technology for your budget, and what to expect in 2016.
with Amanda Anderson
Watch this webinar to ensure events you plan are a success. Learn event planning tips from former LI events director Amanda Anderson.
with Paulo Sibaja
Watch this webinar to learn how to engage minority communities and build bridges.
with Gabriel Schaefer
Watch this webinar to learn how to manage an online fundraising campaign, measure data to improve results, take online fundraising beyond a donation button on your website, and make more money.
with Ravi Singh
Watch this webinar to learn to manage, mobilize, and keep track of your metrics using the best data software for your cause, candidate, or campaign.
with David Payne
Watch this webinar to learn how to connect with your audience through online campaigns.
with Ian Ivey
Watch this webinar to learn how to handle negative information, stay on message, plan your crisis strategy, address the media, and effectively communicate in a crisis.
with Nancy Bocskor
Watch this webinar to determine the viability of your candidacy.
with Matthew Hurtt
Learn how to communicate what you want to achieve, motivate others, build consensus, and win support for your ideas. Watch this webinar to develop your most persuasive message.
with Matthew Hurtt
Watch this webinar to ensure that your campaign or cause can recruit and keep valuable volunteers.
with Abigail Alger
Watch this webinar to learn how social media has changed communication and how to use online tools to hone your message, influence your community, and shape the government.
with Nancy Bocskor
In this webinar, Nancy Bocskor discusses proven tactics used by fundraising professionals that you can apply to your campaign or cause.
with Paulo Sibaja
Watch this webinar to learn to be more comfortable when asking for money and learn techniques developed by seasoned fundraisers to make the ask go right for you and your cause.
with Paulo Sibaja
Watch this webinar to learn about key issues and their parameters, how to identify stakeholders, and ways to neutralize threats to your coalition.
with Patricia Simpson
Watch this webinar to learn ten responsibilities of a precinct chairman, five characteristics of the perfect precinct captain, and five secrets to successfully canvassing your neighborhood.
with Patricia Simpson, Charles Ryan Adams
Watch this webinar to learn the demographics of early voters as Ryan Adams breaks down early voting data and strategies to reach early voters.
with Patricia Simpson
Watch this webinar to learn techniques that successful campaigns have been using for years and adapt them to fit your winning formula.
with Patricia Simpson, Lance Wheeler
Recent years have seen a rise in Absentee Voting. Learn to win the majority of votes on Election Day and the majority of absentee votes. Watch this webinar to familiarize yourself with new technology and data collecting techniques, so your campaign or organization can reach more voters by phone.
with Patricia Simpson
In this webinar, Patricia Simpson teaches conservatives to use the Lincoln Four-Step in their precincts to identify voters and make sure they go to the polls on Election Day.
with Patricia Simpson, Matthew Hurtt
Watch this webinar to learn five ways to motivate your volunteer army, five reasons why a person will volunteer, and three types of volunteers.
with Patricia Simpson, Charles Ryan Adams, Timothy Dionisopoulos
Watch this webinar to ensure your campaign organizes a successful absentee voting program.
with Charles Ryan Adams
Watch this webinar to learn how to find unregistered voters and organize a successful voter registration drive.
with Abigail Alger, Bryan Bernys
In this webinar, Bryan Bernys discusses the importance of identifying voters who will help you accomplish your electoral goals.
with Linwood Bragan
Watch this webinar to learn how to manage your campaign staff, identify power players, and keep the doors open.
with Charles Ryan Adams
Watch this webinar to learn five unique themes that will make your event a success, five ways to prospect for donors, and three reasons people donate to campaigns.
with Darin Miller
Watch this webinar to learn how to create your message, using the four elements of successful messaging and two public relations strategies.
with Brendan Steinhauser
Watch this webinar to learn about the roles you must fill in your campaign and how to find volunteers to fill the necessary roles.
with David Hoyt
Watch this webinar to learn how to fundraise for your cause, including identifying four places to find big donors, eight reasons people don't give money, and ten questions donors ask.
with Rick Tyler
Watch this webinar to learn three questions to address before your run, the people you must recruit for a successful campaign, and five dos and don'ts for candidates.
with Jim Eltringham
Watch this webinar to learn how to form and grow a winning coalition with Jim Eltringham, who discusses the importance of identifying voters outside of your base of support.
with Daryn Iwicki
To be successful in the realm of politics, you must be a master not only of the hard, technical skills to organize a campaign, but also of the soft skills to reach out to, interact with, and gain voters.