Leftist Abuses and Bias on Campus

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Leftist Control on Campus

  • Overwhelmingly leftist faculty.
  • Overwhelmingly leftist administrators who actively suppress conservative activities and refuse to address grievances from students who suffer persecution for their conservative beliefs.
  • Leftist domination of most student government associations.
  • Leftist domination of "student courts" which decide issues regarding student government actions and persecute students for activities in behalf of conservative principles.

Leftist Indoctrination on Campus

  • Large numbers of courses presented that explicitly in their catalog descriptions push leftist ideology, but no balance of conservative principles offered in the curriculum.
  • Indoctrination of students in class by faculty who promote socialist ideas and other leftist priorities.
  • Leftist faculty using their class time to preach politics instead of teaching the topic at hand.
  • Faculty who express in class blatant contempt of conservative ideas.
  • Assignment by faculty of one-sided textbooks and readings which systematically push leftist ideas and denigrate or ignore conservative ideas.
  • Leftist domination of almost all official campus newspapers, which are funded by taxpayers, compulsory student fees, or unwitting donors to the colleges and universities.
  • Large numbers of leftist student organizations, supported by major, national leftist organizations.
  • Leftist monopolies of most journalism faculties.
  • Programs which present overwhelmingly leftist off-campus speakers to the students.
  • Overwhelmingly leftist speakers provided to speak to graduates and their families at graduation ceremonies.
  • College and university libraries packed with leftist books and magazines but few if any books or publications which promote conservative principles.
  • Compulsory freshman orientation programs and "sensitivity training" designed by leftists to undermine traditional values.
  • Mandatory seminars for students on how to have "safe sex" with little or no mention of the possibility or merits of abstinence or marriage.
  • Enforced diversity in every area except for the adherence to or the teaching of conservative principles.

Systematic Exclusion of Conservatives

  • Student admission procedures which deliberately weed out applicants who appear to be conservative.
  • Known conservatives excluded from positions as dormitory Resident Assistants (who get free rooms) and all RAs subjected to training programs biased against traditional values.
  • Graduate school practices which make it difficult or impossible for conservative graduate students to get advanced degrees which would lead to college teaching positions.
  • Faculty hiring procedures which make it difficult or impossible for conservatives who manage to get advanced degrees to get teaching positions.
  • Denial of salary increases to conservative faculty.
  • Exclusion of conservative faculty from teaching courses that are requirements for graduation.
  • Denial of tenure to faculty members because they are discovered to be conservatives.
  • Tenure rules which give lifetime salaries to even the most incompetent leftist professors.

Persecution of Conservative Students and Organizations

  • Faculty who discourage or prohibit the expression of conservative thought by students in class.
  • Faculty who urge students in their classes to vote for specific leftist candidates.
  • Exams that assume a leftist agenda to be correct.
  • Faculty who penalize in their grades students who reveal themselves to be conservative, which sometimes delays or even prevents those students' graduation.
  • Speech codes and campus rules which facilitate leftist indoctrination and clamp down on any expression of conservative opinions.
  • Faculty who shout down speakers and even organize walkouts if conservatives speak at public programs on campus.
  • Refusal or long delays in granting conservative student groups recognition as official campus groups, despite the presence of many officially recognized leftist student groups.
  • Official student organization allotting student activity fee money overwhelmingly to leftist student groups.
  • Refusal of administration to allow student groups to present conservative speakers on campus, on the basis of assumed security risk.
  • Discrimination against conservative student groups which ask to reserve rooms or other campus facilities for meetings and public programs -- denying them rooms, unreasonably delaying the assignment of rooms, changing the room at the last moment, or giving them the worst locations.
  • Destruction or theft of any conservative publications on campus.
  • Vandalization of campus offices of conservative student groups.
  • Proliferation of leftist signs, posters, and flyers posted on bulletin boards all over campus but the immediate defacement or tearing down of comparable conservative materials.
  • Toleration of leftist slogans and advertising posted on dorm room doors but restriction and destruction of comparable conservative communications.
  • Persecution of students and student organizations who are motivated by religious faith.
  • Ridicule of students who appear on campus in their military uniforms.

Political Correctness Gone Mad

  • Prohibitions of U.S. military recruiters on campus.
  • Prohibitions of ROTC programs on campus.
  • Violation of freedom of association through persecution or prohibition of fraternities and sororities.
  • Elimination of single-sex bathrooms in dormitories or establishment of special bathrooms for the "transgendered."
  • College rules which authorize overnight guests in dorm rooms with people of either sex -- rules which force offended roommates either to witness these sexual couplings or to find somewhere else to spend the night.


-Morton C. Blackwell