New Media Training

The following trainings focus on communications, media, and documentaries.
Digital Analytics Workshop Description2
Digital Communications Workshop
Digital Creative Workshop
Digital Strategy Workshop Description
The following trainings include lectures on communications, media, and documentaries.
Campaign Management Workshop

Want to learn how to manage or play a major role in an a issue-oriented or candidate based political effort? Whether your goal is to assist a cause by raising money, recruiting supporters, or reaching voters, this is the program for you. This school will prepare you to deal with the realities of political campaigning by managing your time, talent, money more effectively.

Future Candidate Workshop

Catchy slogans can only take you so far in an election. Learn what it really takes to win your election. This program will increase your confidence, fundraising ability, and find creative ways to attract voters. You will learn proven ways to give your campaign the boost it needs to get you elected!