Campaign Training Training

The following trainings focus on politics and campaign management.
Activist Workshop

Do you want to make a difference in your community and hold your law makers feet to the fire? If so, then this is the program for you. Become more effective by learning ways to educate and engage your friends, family and neighbors. You will learn ways to organize and impact your community by holding legislators accountable.

Campaign Academy
Campaign Management School

Hear from leading campaign strategists as they teach you how to draft a campaign plan, organize an effective grassroots coalition online and offline, fundraise from low- and high-dollar donors, and develop a winning message that is sure to lead you to victory on Election Day. This intensive, one-week school is a must-have foundation for serious campaign managers and activists.

Campaign Management Workshop

Want to learn how to manage or play a major role in an a issue-oriented or candidate based political effort? Whether your goal is to assist a cause by raising money, recruiting supporters, or reaching voters, this is the program for you. This school will prepare you to deal with the realities of political campaigning by managing your time, talent, money more effectively.

Future Candidate School

Learn from the nation’s top political strategists how to prepare yourself to run the strongest possible campaign—and win at any level!  Discover what it takes to be an effective candidate and the steps required to build your winning coalition.  This four-day training is geared towards potential candidates and campaign/political activists.


Future Candidate Workshop

Catchy slogans can only take you so far in an election. Learn what it really takes to win your election. This program will increase your confidence, fundraising ability, and find creative ways to attract voters. You will learn proven ways to give your campaign the boost it needs to get you elected!

Get-Out-The-Vote Workshop

Do you know how to secure your voters and how to execute on Election Day? Campaigns are won or lost because of their ability to get their voters to the polls. In this workshop we will teach you how to target voters, and organize your team and to get your voters to the polls on Election Day.

Grassroots Custom Workshop

Do you have a need for fundraising, political, or communications training but don't have a lot of time?   Our custom workshop allows you to customize a program based on your needs and schedule. This workshop is ideal for conferences and meetings where time is limited and flexibility is important.

Grassroots Lobbying: Holding Elected Officials Accountable
Political Voter Mail Workshop

Advance your cause from the mailbox to the ballot box and create the targeted voter mail that gets voters off their couches and into the polling places.

The following trainings include lectures on politics and campaign management.