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Introduction to Google Analytics

On Wednesday September 28, 2022

What you will learn

Knowing what's most popular on your website -- and how many people are visiting it -- can be a gold mine of information for you, your organization, or your cause. Learn what your Google Analytics data is telling you and how to use it to reach your goals.

The Introduction to Google Analytics Workshop will give you the skills you need to maximize your website traffic, i.e. your pageviews.

1-2pm EDT | Google Analytics 101

In this fun, easy-to-follow introduction to Google Analytics, you will learn:
  • how businesses, non-profits, influencers, and bloggers use Google Analytics to reach new heights;
  • the right way to set up your account; and
  • the meaning of helpful (but confusing) terms.

2-3pm EDT | Using Your Reports

Learn the must-haves for your daily analytics needs. You will learn:
  • different ways to grow your web traffic by applying data-based decisions;
  • how specifically your visitors reach and interact with your website (in real-time!), and
  • three easy ways to analyze your data.

3-4pm EDT | Tracking Events and Setting Goals

If you don't have goals, it's hard to grow. You will leave this session feeling confident that you can:
  • set your objectives and measure how well you're reaching them;
  • understand exactly what contributes to your success online; and
  • see when people sign up, download, or view anything on your site.

The training will end at 4pm Eastern Time


Wednesday, September 28

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This training is online.




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Veronica Hays

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Your faculty

Stephen Rowe

Stephen Rowe

Director of Digital Training, Leadership Institute

Stephen Rowe is the Director of Digital Training at Leadership Institute where he's trained 18,000+ activists, students, and leaders on digital and political technology.

Stephen has been listed on multiple 30 under 30 awards. His work has been featured on Fox News, Fox Business, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, and more.

Stephen grew up in Montana, the "Treasure State".