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Online Training: Digital Communications Workshop: Social Media Planning for 2019

21 days until event begins

What you will learn

The Digital Communications Workshop: Social Media Planning for 2019 is an interactive workshop that will help you develop, implement, and improve your social media strategy for 2019.
You'll learn how to:
  • build, step-by-step, a strategy for your social media presence;
  • how to identify and produce the most effective content;
  • how to integrate social media into your broader communications strategy; and
  • how to show the ROI on social media to get organizational buy-in.

The workshop is designed for people who use social media regularly. An introductory workshop for social media is available as an online training; contact the training manager for more information.

This workshop is also available in-person. View the in-person version of this training here.


Starts Tuesday, December 11

Tue 11:   6:00 PM  - 9:00 PM EST


This training is online.


$30.00 $15.00 discount for early registration until 12/9/18 Your Cost: $15.00


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