Shana Davidson -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

An 19 year veteran with both large agency and client experience, Shana L. Davidson is an accomplished fundraising professional specializing in high dollar donor programs.

Shana is a master in growing organizations’ donor files. At The Fund for American Studies, starting almost from scratch, she added 6,000 high-value donors in only a few years… at no net cost to the organization. Shana has helped pioneer new strategies in donor acquisition with extensive use of database enhancement of target donor segments, predictive modeling, innovative creative and production techniques, and synergistic opportunities with other development channels such as online and events.

In 2007, Shana joined ClearWord Communications Group, Inc., an agency dedicated to high dollar programs. At ClearWord, Shana has been the staff expert for clients requiring complex strategy, planning, analysis, and meticulous execution of complex fundraising plans. Shana serves as Executive Vice President, Client Strategies at ClearWord.
Shana’s work with ClearWord’s clients such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, as well as The Fund for American Studies, are prime examples of how multi-channel, multi-layered development programs can reach ambitious goals – and substantially increase nonprofit revenue – in today’s challenging fundraising environment.

Her unwavering devotion to the cause of freedom – both in the United States and internationally – has been key to her clients’ many successes.

Shana is a graduate of Hampshire College, holds a Masters Degree from the University of Hawaii, and is a graduate student at the Institute of World Politics.

Shana Davidson