Michael McGonigal -  Former Guest Speaker at the Leadership Institute

Shane McGonigal is a Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute serving the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. He has previously worked as a Field Representative for the same organization in the state of Texas were he started over 18 conservative and libertarian student organizations. Born and raised in the great state of Georgia, he graduated from North Georgia College and State University where he ran both his schools College Republicans group and Libertarian club.

In 2010 Shane was the Youth Coordinator for Bert Loftman's 9th District Congressional race, an owner and managing partner in a CiCi's Pizza franchise, a delegate to his local Republican party, a blogger covering local area politics, and an events coordinator for the State of Georgia Tea Party.

Working with the State of Georgia Tea Party, and over 20 other tea party groups in the North East Georgia area Shane helped organize a gubernatorial debate that drew headlines from the local media for it's large crowd and political pressure on non-conservative candidates. Shane's history in politics goes back to 2008 when he was an intern for the Leadership Institute working for the Rock Grant Speakers Bureau.

Shane's involvement in student activism has been picked up by the media, including the 2011 Students for Liberty event of the year, the Zombie Founding Father Crawl in Austin, Texas.

Shane is also the Tennessee State Chair for Young Americans for Liberty.

Michael McGonigal