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School Board and Municipal Campaign Workshop

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What you will learn

Get the skills to wage and win your campaign for the school board or municipal race.

Leadership Institute's new School Board and Municipal Campaign Training provide you with the skills training you must have to wage and win a successful campaign for your local school board.
In every community, school boards have an important role. They ensure students receive the education they deserve to prepare them for higher education, trade school, or the workforce.

Sadly, many school boards are used as social engineering tools or are captured by labor union officials trying to control both sides of the collective bargaining table.
Conservative leaders must engage in school boards from coast to coast to ensure schools focus on their educational mission for our children's future success.
Political technology determines political success. Get the skills for a successful campaign – it's essential.

Learn from successful, experienced leaders who have served on school boards. LI's School Board Campaign and Municipal Training feature presentations from seasoned conservatives who have served on school boards, plus campaign professionals experienced in local campaigns.

You'll learn how to design, wage, and raise funds for a successful school board campaign. In addition, you'll get briefings and background information you'll need to be well-informed and articulate your own experiences and issue positions to voters in your community.

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • develop a campaign and communications strategies specifically for school board elections;
  • communicate effectively with voters through highly effective voter contact techniques, scalable to highly localized elections;
  • raise funds and build a volunteer team.


Tuesday, September 5

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


588 Katy Fwy #445
Houston, TX 77024 Map




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Charlie O'Neill

Charlie O'Neill

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Cat Parks

Cat Parks is a small-business owner & entrepreneur, former university coach & college adjunct instructor, cancer survivor, and certified trauma nurse. Though her path in life has been diverse, She is a trailblazer ...

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