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Grassroots Activist Workshop

On Saturday April 5, 2014

What you will learn

Grassroots Activist Workshop

2 Day, $45.00

The Grassroots Activist Workshop teaches you how to get involved and make a difference in your local elections and governance. This training gives you the nuts and bolts tools needed to hold your elected leaders accountable. Attend this class and learn what it takes to make your voice heard.

Ideal attendees for the Grassroots Activist Workshop are conservative individuals interested in making a difference. Whether volunteering or working for a conservative candidate, cause, or issue at the local or state level this class will improve your skills.

The Grassroots Activist Workshop will teach you how to recruit, organize, and motivate people in your neighborhoods.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Get involved
  • Drive support for an issue or candidate
  • Organize activists in large or small groups for maximum impact
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Use the media to help advance an issue
  • Build personal leadership skills, abilities and confidence.

Sample Lectures Include:

  • Ways to Get Involved
  • Basics of Online Activism
  • Building Coalitions
  • Working Petition Drives
  • Educating Legislators
  • Voter Registration Drives

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Starts Saturday, April 5

Sat. 5 8:30 - 2:30 PM
Sun. 6 8:30 - 2:30 PM

Liberty University DeMoss Hall 1090 Lynchburg , VA Map



Paulo Sibaja's Photo

Paulo Sibaja

What graduates say

David Chang

David Chang

Hawaii GOP Chairman

"This workshop provides a strong framework for starting your campaign and tightening up your operations. The best candidates don't necessarily win, but the best campaign generally does. LI provided the structure I needed for a well-run campaign."

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes

Founder, Iowa Tea Party

"I can't forget who gave me the tools. Keep up the great work at LI. We can't save our country without the Leadership Institute!"

Your faculty

Melody Himel Clarke

Melody Himel Clarke

Mid-Atlantic Regional, Heritage Action

Melody Himel Scalley is currently the Mid-Atlantic Regional with Heritage Action, one of the most effective conservative grassroots organizations nationwide. Heritage Action takes the conservative policy visions outlined b...

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Gretchen Koeritzer

Gretchen Koeritzer


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David Scheurn

David Scheurn

Grassroots Activist Schools Coordinator

David Scheurn is the Grassroots Activist Schools Coordinator for the Leadership Institute (LI), one of the nation's premier organizations responsible for training activists, students, and leaders. With LI, David travels th...

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Paulo Sibaja

Paulo Sibaja

Strategic Initiatives Director, Colorado- RNC

@PauloSibaja--for those interested in following him on Twitter-- is the Strategic Initiatives Director, Colorado for the Republican National Comittee. As director, Paulo engages Colorado's Hispanic population in a...

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