Request a Leadership Institute Events

If you can't come to the Leadership Institute, LI training can come to you. Institute staff take the best of LI's activism, campaign, communications, and fundraising training across the country for conservatives.

Training is available for conservatives anywhere in the United States. Activists and organizations work directly with LI staff to plan training that best benefits them. No two trainings are alike.

Trainings are led by political veterans who are committed to the advancement of conservative principles. Institute faculty members are experts in their fields.

Frequently requested trainings

Frequently requested trainings include:

- Activist Workshop
- Advanced Activist Workshop
- Campaign Management Workshop
- Future Candidate Workshop
- Get-Out-the-Vote Workshop

Customized training

Customized training allows you to create the Leadership Institute Events of your choice. You will work with LI staff to plan a selection of activism, campaign, communications, or fundraising lectures that most benefit your group.

Customized training is ideal for conferences and meetings for which time is limited and flexibility is important.

Commonly requested lectures include raising funds for your organization; grassroots lobbying; recruiting and motivating volunteers; earned and paid media; developing a persuasive message; and building coalitions.

Request a training

As a training organizer, LI requests that you have a minimum of 40 attendees and provide a training venue. The Institute will charge a nominal fee to attendees to cover travel costs for faculty members.

For more information, or to schedule an LI training, please contact Robert Arnakis by email by clicking here or by phone (703-247-2000).