Studio Production

LI Interns conduct a media training

We offer a full range of studio production equipment and expertise. From short commericials, interviews, and documentary-style videos shot in the studio, to field shoots or organization events shot on site, LI Studios provides the equipment and professional service necessary to produce compelling results.

Our Norma Zimdahl Master Studio is over 500 square feet, and is equipped with 3 HD cameras on tripods and a birds-eye camera on the ceiling. All cameras are connected to our control room. The interview set is an ideal place to receive media training or conduct an interview for your organization.

The James Fishback Boreham Studio Classroom is over 600 square feet, and is a multimedia classroom and studio, and it seats 25 students. It is equipped with a seamless seat for recording actors in
front of seamless backgrounds or green screen. This classroom is
equipped with a 4K camera.

Sacher Multimedia Staff recording a video on location

Both studios are fitted with a lighting grid on the ceiling and lights can be arranged quickly to best situate your project.

Contact the Sacher Multimedia Center to discuss your project.

The Norma Zimdahl Master Studio

The James Fishback Boreham Studio Classroom