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Dr. William Murphy -- When LI Grads Succeed, Conservatism Succeeds
Dr. William Murphy -- When LI Grads Succeed, Conservatism Succeeds

Often in politics, there are doers, and there are thinkers.

The doers knock on doors, build organizations, and lobby for their movement.  The thinkers research and compose policy proposals; they’re academics who shape the way we see the world.  Both are assets to the conservative movement, and both are necessary to succeed.

Dr. William Murphy encompasses both qualities.

A Professor at the New England Institute of Technology, Dr. Murphy specializes in U.S. foreign policy and national security.  He is a veteran, Harvard graduate, former President at Peak Performance Technology Partners, and was Finance Director at Bateman for Congress in 1992 where he first met Leadership Institute President, Morton Blackwell.

But it’s his next project that’s potentially his most exciting yet!  After discussing his plans with Morton, Dr. Murphy intends to...

The Walls Have Ears
The Walls Have Ears

You may be surprised to learn that the number of staff working each day to advance the conservative movement is small.  In Washington, D.C., it’s a few thousand at most.

This is great for your career!  Working in the small DC conservative movement, it is easy to get to know the influential players who can support your career advancement.  But reputations are made very quickly, and for those less savvy who don’t mature quickly, simple mistakes can be destructive.

One of the worst mistakes anyone can make in Washington, D.C. is to bad mouth their boss or their organization.

You can avoid these three common mistakes...

Mother of 7 Changes Homeschooling Families' Lives
Mother of 7 Changes Homeschooling Families' Lives

Deep commitment to family and community drives many conservatives into action.

For Tracy Klicka, her deep commitment to motherhood and the homeschool movement drives her to help homeschooling families across the nation.  She walks beside them to ensure their success in their children’s lives.

“I think most homeschooling parents need a lot of encouragement,” Tracy said.  “You know your kids more than anyone…you are their best advocate, you’re their biggest cheerleader, you’re the best counselor, you’re the best person to watch what walking through life, through challenges and difficulties is.”

Today, Tracy is the Director of Development for the Home School Foundation (HSF), a part of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which offers support for homeschool families.

“HSF is the heart of HSLDA,” Tracy said. “The heart is to help families who so want to homeschool their children, but they...

At 22, Amir Farahi Takes Action to Help His Community in Canada
At 22, Amir Farahi Takes Action to Help His Community in Canada

At the age of 22, Amir Farahi has run for local office and has established a think-tank in his hometown of London, Canada.

His family fled Iran’s totalitarian government in the 1970’s, which would later inspire him to run for City Council. Amir became the youngest person to run for office in his hometown.  His campaign was a pivotal force in spurring millennials to make an impact on the political process.

“I would have never guessed ten years ago that I would run for the City Council,” Amir said.

Although he lost his first attempt at public office, Amir wanted more in-depth political training. After receiving positive recommendations from his friends, Amir decided to attend Leadership Institute’s Campaign Management School. The four-day training provided him with the tools and knowledge to put together a successful campaign plan.

“The Campaign Management School’s hands-on exercises were useful and resourceful, as they accurately demonstrated the process of putting together a campaign and doing research,” Amir said. “I have taken forty pages of notes and I still have a whole day left of the training!”

Amir aspires to be a civic leader who...

A Blog Can Be Great For Your Career
A Blog Can Be Great For Your Career

When people think about blogs, they usually dismiss them as a prehistoric way of getting ideas into the public realm.  Today many people prefer a 140-character tweet to a well thought out, self-published article that takes a lot of work to compose and publicize.

However, when it comes to your career, demonstrating passion for your field is critical.  Writing a blog, which is accessible to recruiters, could be what secures your next big opportunity.  Here are 5 ways writing a blog can benefit your career.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader

Recruiters will expect to see that you have knowledge of your field and show an active interest.  By writing a blog directly related to the professional area in which you want to progress, you can illustrate your interest and your ability to... 

3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement
3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

You may notice a pattern every time you scroll your newsfeed. It starts with a relevant update, then an advertisement, and it doesn’t take long before a video starts auto-playing.

The biggest question on people’s minds when they see this pattern is, “How do I get my content to appear first in everyone else’s newsfeed?”

Here are three things you can start doing now:



Five things you should do in your first week at a new job
Five things you should do in your first week at a new job

Starting a new job is among the most daunting experiences in our professional lives.  After all, you only get one chance at a first impression.

As well as trying to wrap your head around your new responsibilities, learn the office culture, make friends, and demonstrate your ability, you’re also trying to keep your feet on the ground and build a successful future for yourself.

It is natural to want to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself, like a mouse among sleeping cats.  This is a mistake!  Here are five things you should do in your first week...

Cubicle Conservatism
Cubicle Conservatism

We all know that person. You know what I mean, that person who chews loudly, talks incessantly, or – my personal bad habit – leaves sticky notes everywhere. These attributes can quickly lead to tension within an office.

But tension really begins when political views come into play. How do we know when to defend our values and when to respect a professional environment?

As a current intern at the Leadership Institute, I have the privilege to work alongside like-minded, passionate individuals. However, past work experience taught me three important lessons about respectful political conversation with the people I see at the same cubicle every day.      


Ready, Aim, Fire: LI Graduate Speaks Out at CPAC 2017
Ready, Aim, Fire: LI Graduate Speaks Out at CPAC 2017

You may recognize Antonia Okafor from her many guest appearances on the Blaze, NRA TV, and Fox News.  She is also a Campus News Correspondent for Independent Journal Review where she works to expose liberal bias and abuse on Texas college campuses.

Her official website has the following blazed across the top: Black, Armed, and Conservative.  Antonia knows she doesn’t fit the “normal” stereotype of a conservative gun activist but she’s getting her message across to the media regardless.

“There’s definitely a lot of shock factor as I’m not the ‘typical conservative’.  It’s opened a lot of doors with being able to have people listen.  Whether it’s plain curiosity or genuine interest, I think being someone who is contrary to the typical conservative helps people want to listen.”

Antonia is currently a student at the University of Texas at Dallas but aims to bring new female perspective to gun rights and regularly advocates for campus carry policies.  Her own passion for campus carry often brings her into the cross-hairs of...

Senator Jim Banks -- His Campaign's
Senator Jim Banks -- His Campaign's "Secret Weapon"

Jim Banks has shown a dedication to service throughout his life.  As a father of three, a state Senator, and a Navy Reservist, he has proven himself a strong and value-oriented leader.  

“There is a lot of pressure to go along with the majority sentiment, but I will not go back on the pledge I made to my constituents,” said Senator Banks.  

As the State Senator for the 17th district of Indiana, he has continually been a voice for conservative principles.  Next, he hopes to continue his service to Indiana as a member of Congress.  

While in the senate, Senator Banks has served on numerous committees, most notably the Senate Veteran Affairs and the Military committee.  He believes this experience, coupled with his military service, could provide a unique perspective to the Congressional Armed Services Committee if elected in the fall. 

Senator Banks fought in a hotly contested primary this spring due to the number of other well-funded candidates and the coinciding presidential nomination which drew in many more voters.  However, due to his knowledgeable volunteers (several Leadership Institute graduates) and lean campaign strategies, he was able get his message out and win the election. 

Another thing which helped now Senator Banks through the election was his family, which he referred to as the campaign’s “secret weapon.”

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