ACLU Nativity Scene

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Each December, the majority of Americans look forward to the Christmas season and the festivities that accompany it.  For the activist left, however, this is the time of year when the politically correct storm troopers at the ACLU attempt to strip away any notion of our history as a spiritually Christian nation by declaring a "War Against Christmas".

This is most prevalent on college campuses, where left wing administrators, professors, and student groups combine to ensure that "tolerance" is fully enforced.  Often, this results in universities banning Christmas trees, enforcing the usage of "Happy Holidays", and promoting alternative educational events that pander to left wing social pathologies (i.e., Kwanzaa).

It can be difficult to combat this issue without violating Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell's maxim: "Never get angry, unless it's on purpose".  We can avoid this pitfall by borrowing a page from left-wing community organizer Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky stated that: "The most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule".  It's best to mercilessly mock the left's neurotic obsession with political correctness.  Fight back against anti-Christian activists by bringing the ACLU Solstice Barn to your campus.

The ACLU Solstice Barn is a mock nativity display which replaces traditional figures in the manger with representations of left-wing icons.  This is an easy way to demonstrate both the ACLU's propensity for defending anything socially reprehensible as well as highlighting the absurdity of what society would look like if their actions were taken to their logical conclusion.

The Display:

Mary & Joseph--Gary & Joseph/Harvey Milk & Barney Frank:  Print out two miscellaneous shepherds faces to create a mock gay couple.  For a twist include prominent Democratic gay rights heroes like Harvey Milk or Barney Frank.

Baby Jesus--Barack Obama/The Season/The Holiday:  Barack Obama as Jesus is a fun way to mock the reverential nature the left places on our President.  Another option is to replace the figure of Christ with a slogan like "The Season/The Holiday" to symbolize the triumph of secularism over the actual reason for the holiday.

Three Wise Men--Marx, Lenin, Stalin:  The founder and former director of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin was openly sympathetic to communism and advocated for the implementation of this totalitarian ideology in the United States.  Given this history, it would only be appropriate to replace the three wise men with the three most prominent Marxists of the 20th century.

Angel--Nancy Pelosi/Hillary Clinton:  Any popular left wing female figure should suffice; these are just two of the more prominent ones that come to mind.
àTerrorist w/ bomb belt:  An allusion to the left's obsession with granting civil liberties to captured terrorists.

How to Take Action:

1.       Register to bring the ACLU Solstice Barn to your school.  Contact the Leadership Institute at and reserve a date to bring the display to campus at no cost to you.  An LI Regional Field Coordinator will personally deliver the nativity scene on a date of your choice between Thanksgiving and mid-December.

2.       Reserve space on campus .  Reserve a high-traffic area on campus that will allow you to garner the most attention from passersby.

3.       Invite allied organizations.  Ask other conservative and Christian groups on campus to contribute to the purchase of supplies or help run the table.  This is a great way to strengthen cooperation between different groups and increase attendance and volunteers.

4.       Hold a planning meeting.  Make a schedule of volunteers to work the table next to the display.  Provide them with a list of talking points so that they are informed and prepared to discuss the issues of political correctness with their liberal counterparts.  Also, designate one or two spokespersons for the event to answer all media inquiries.

5.       Advertise.  The success of your ACLU Solstice Barn depends on how well you publicize it.  Create a Facebook event and post flyers around campus to encourage students and faculty to attend.  Also, invite local news media to provide coverage of your event.

6.       Prepare for opposition.  Have a video camera/flip camera available to record any aggression from leftists.  Ask any opposition why they are opposed to you exercising your right to free speech.

7.       Set up the display.  Do not forget to set up a table nearby for your group to pass out information.

8.      Celebrate (a politically correct) Christmas!  Engage passersby and ask them if they support the secularization of the Christmas season.  Distribute the ACLU Solstice Barn Fact Sheet and explain the dangers of radical political correctness.  Provide a sign-up sheet for new members and general information on your organization.

9.       Advertise again.  Submit a press release and high-quality picture to local media outlets detailing your event.