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Alejandro Chafuen

Alejandro Antonio Chafuen has been president and CEO of Atlas Economic Research Foundation since 1991 and founder trustee of the Hispanic American Center of Economic Research. Chafuen serves as trustee and on the advisory boards of several European and Latin American institutes.

He is a frequent commentator on economics, security, and strategic threats in Latin America, as well as on the relationship between economics and ethics, such as corporate social responsibility and corruption. He is the author of Faith and Liberty (Lexington Books, 2003) (Economía y Ética, RIALP), which has been published in different editions in Spain, Poland and Italy.

Chafuen serves on the board of the Chase Foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, on the board of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also member of the advisory board of the Social Affairs Unit (U.K.) and since 1980, member of the Mont Pelerin Society. Chafuen is a Graduate of the Argentina Catholic University. He was Associate Professor at the Argentine Catholic University, the University of Buenos Aires, and The Hispanic American University, CA.