Jessica Towhey


Jessica Towhey

Jessica R. Towhey is an accomplished communications strategist with more than a decade of experience developing and implementing short- and long-term communications strategies. She was the communications point-person for a dozen federal political campaigns, including a number of top-tier U.S. House and U.S. Senate races. She has also worked as a senior communications advisor on Capitol Hill to a number of leading Members of Congress.

In 2011, Jessica moved to the private sector to focus on preparing clients for intensive media situations such as high-stakes litigation or regulatory matters with federal and state authorities as well as developing comprehensive communications strategy campaigns for influencing debates. Earlier this year year, she opened her own consulting shop, 2ee Communications. Clients have included those in the pharmaceutical, energy, defense, and financial sectors as well as nonprofit organizations and trade associations as well as former Members of Congress.

Prior to her work in political campaigns, Jessica was a newspaper reporter at daily papers in Northern California and Annapolis, MD, where she covered a variety of issues ranging from education to police and courts to military affairs. 

Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The Catholic University of America and is pursuing a Master’s in Media Entrepreneurship from American University.