Online Activist Workshop: Social Media (Archived)
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Online Activist Workshop: Social Media (Archived)


Whether you want to organize activists for a candidate, cause, or organization, the Advanced New Media Workshop gives you the tools to accomplish your goal.
Campaign and new media veterans will explain the components of a winning strategy step-by-step. From selecting consultants and designing effective content to raising money and recruiting supporters, you'll get practical lessons to implement immediately and learn what does – and doesn’t – work.
You will learn to:
  • Develop an online activism  or campaign strategy
  • Identify and recruit supporters online
  • Use social media to build your coalition
  • Produce attention-getting online video
  • Evaluate web vendors and consultants
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Stephen Rowe

Contact Stephen with your questions or to request training.

What graduates say

Annie Dwyer's photo

Annie Dwyer

Media Relations Manager, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

"One of the most valuable thing I learned was how different social media tools can be used to effectively build relationships and bring people back to "home base" or your website."

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Katie Harbath

Facebook Associate Manager for Policy

"LI training is like a crash course in running a campaign or being an activist."