5 lessons from LI's high-dollar fundraising training

The Leadership Institute's High-Dollar Fundraising School came to a close yesterday.

But the packed, two-day training is just part of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp on raising funds for causes and campaigns, running throughout this week.

Below are the key takeaways I got from each speaker (including LI's Morton Blackwell!) at the High-Dollar Fundraising School on the second day. More to come throughout the week; the Direct Mail School is next.

Do the Right Thing

Dave Wallace’s  father  always  told  him  to  do  the right thing -- "No  matter how hard it is, do the right thing."

Dave, a small business owner, husband, and father of three, has spent his life trying to do just that, including using the profits from his business to promote the message of liberty.

“I’ve  always loved freedom,” Dave said. From the time he was a youngster, growing up in a “postage-stamp-sized yard” in Maryland, he realized the importance of liberty.

Leadership Memo: No, you may not just quit

Rather than a piece by me to begin this Leadership Memo, I’ve decided to run a “guest editorial” by my friend and fellow Leadership Institute Board member Mike Rothfeld.

Mike took LI training 28 years ago and has had a successful career as a political activist, a campaign consultant, a direct marketing consultant, and a conservative organizational entrepreneur.  He frequently serves as a volunteer faculty member at Leadership Institute training schools and runs good training schools through one of his own, separate organizations, Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. 

6 takeaways from LI's High-Dollar Fundraising School (Day 1)

The first day of the Leadership Institute's Comprehensive Fundraising Training -- a week-long bootcamp in raising funds for campaigns and causes -- kicked off with a full day at the High-Dollar Fundraising School.

If you couldn't make it, don't worry.

You can read the key takeaways from each speaker.

More to come throughout the week.

State Chairman of Florida College Republicans
State Chairman of Florida College Republicans

Stephen McDuffie, a 24-year-old born on a U.S. Air Force base in West Germany just months before the Berlin Wall fell, is now state chairman of the Florida Federation of College Republicans (FFCR).

“My role is to lead and be the face of the College Republicans to our state,” Stephen explained.

As chair – a role he started in April – he manages the executive board and officers and represents FFCR to the media, the Republican Party of Florida, the Republican National Committee, and the College Republican National Committee.

Liberty Isn’t Free: It Must Be Fought For
Liberty Isn’t Free: It Must Be Fought For

Teri Capshaw, a homeschooler from South Dakota, worked as a reporter during college. After graduation, she was hired as an evening news producer in Boise, Idaho, where she met her husband -- before starting her own sewing business. Now, she takes her professional background into meetings with donors and potential partners for Campaign for Liberty, where she serves as the donor relations officer. Read on for more about Teri and the upcoming Liberty Political Action Conference.

Ballerina Dances Her Way Into Colorado Politics
Ballerina Dances Her Way Into Colorado Politics

Alexa Van Anne isn’t your ordinary 19-year-old.

She’s a competitive ballerina, a committed conservative activist, and dreaming of running for office herself – but first, she’s got to finish college.

Alexa got her start in politics working for the reelection of her congressman, Rep. Mike Coffman, in 2012.

“Working for the Coffman campaign marked my entrance into politics. I sought out the opportunity on my own having been interested in politics my entire life,” Alexa said.

As area campaign director for Mike Coffman for Congress, Alexa coordinated door-to-door canvassing and phone banking. As November neared, Alexa became more involved in working on projects with the field director for her district.

LI Engages Latinos in Florida
LI Engages Latinos in Florida

The Leadership Institute and partnering organizations went to Orlando, Florida to meet with more than 70 people from across the I-4 corridor to find the issues that unite conservatives and Hispanics. Notable guests included a representative from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s staff, a candidate for Florida governor, several candidates for Congress, local elected officials, and community and business leaders.

The Next Great Communicator Works to Defund
The Next Great Communicator Works to Defund "ObamaCare"

“I joined Heritage Action a month after it launched, in July of 2010,” Heritage Action Deputy Political Director Nathanael Yellis said. Three years later, their focus for this fall is clear: defund the Affordable Care Act. “I'm excited about our effort to defund Obamacare,” he continued. “We're working to make this the issue when Congress returns in September.”

From College Socialist to Conservative Journalist
From College Socialist to Conservative Journalist

“I was…a liberal,” said Lachlan Markay.  “Socialist might be more accurate.” He was surrounded by liberal thought at Hamilton College, where neither faculty nor students questioned their “knee-jerk” liberal philosophy.   And that bothered Lachlan.

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