Activists learn in-depth campaign techniques at LI’s Campaign Management School
The Leadership Institute welcomed 41 conservative activists to LI’s October Campaign Management School (CMS).

Part of the LI’s now monthly campaign training, the training teaches conservatives how to help the candidate of their choice run a productive and successful campaign.

Craig Brandt, a veteran and candidate for the New Mexico State Senate, said, “As a candidate, before coming to LI I felt uninformed when discussing my own campaign with my campaign manager. I now have the knowledge to not only be a part of the discussion but lead the discussion.”

Included in the lectures were the “ABCs of Polling,” taught by Tyler Harber, a partner with The Prosper Group, which described the purpose of polling and emphasized the importance of polling strategy. Also, Rebecca Norman, vice president of Client Services at the Richard Norman Company, broke down how to write a fundraising letter.  Other faculty included Terry Campo of The Campo Group; Consultant Dave Johnson; and Dan Morgan and Todd Meredith of Morgan, Meredith, Associates, to name a few.

Armed with this information, graduates of LI’s Campaign Management School go on to run and work on campaigns across the country.

David Wiesley, principal at Hispanic Voter Strategies, referred to the school as “excellent” and “not to be missed.”

Didn’t make it to the Campaign Management School? Campaign training is now offered monthly, with the Future Candidate School coming up the week of December 5th. To register for this training and others, click here.