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AnnaMaria Gallozzi

Regional Field Coordinator

AnnaMaria Gallozzi

AnnaMaria Gallozzi graduated from East Carolina University with two degrees: Political Science and Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. At her university she was a part of many organizations, including Student Government Association, Residence Hall Association, and Alpha Kappa Psi, all in which she has held a leadership position. 


In the past, AnnaMaria has worked for the Jesse Helms Center, in Wingate, NC. She was a counselor for their Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge, a summer program that teaches high school students about entrepreneurship and free entreprise. AnnaMaria also headed their social media campaign. She interned with Civitas Institute, helping organize their Conservative Leadership Conference, the only statewide conservative conference in North Carolina.


Currently AnnaMaria is the North Carolina Field Representative at the Leadership Institute, where she has helped to start many conservative and libertarian organizations across North and South Carolina. 

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