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Staff Matters

We all agree; new conservatives headed to Capitol Hill need to fill their offices with like-minded, liberty-loving staffers. The popular blog  RedState just recently posted on the necessity of great leaders finding great staff. And the Leadership Institute is stepping in to help future Members connect with solid prospective personnel through the newly re-launched

LI President Morton Blackwell Visits Australia

Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell made his first trip to Australia. He attended a Mont Pelerin Society meeting and met with Australians who are establishing a new foundation similar to LI.

$50,000 and $25,000 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowships Offered By The Phillips Foundation for 2011

The Phillips Foundation is accepting applications for the 2011 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program.  Print and online journalists with less than 10 years of professional experience are eligible.

LI Board Member: What Is A Leader?

Leadership Institute Board Member and SABER Communications, Inc. President Mike Rothfeld wrote an insightful piece about three components of leadership—planning, preparing, and acting.

How To Get a Job on Capitol Hill

Are you interested in working for a new or existing conservative office after the election?  If so, you need to become a registered member of and complete your professional profile to be considered for important jobs in congressional offices.

Politics Daily: Hiring Staff for New Members of Congress? Look to Morton Blackwell’s Rules

Online newspaper Politics Daily Columnist Matt Lewis referred to LI President Morton Blackwell’s Laws of the Public Policy Process in hiring Capitol Hill staff.

Your Opinion Needed: Make an Impact this Election Cycle by Writing Your Own Op-Ed

Believe it or not, voters in your community are interested in what you have to say about candidates and issues.  Think about it, when you need a dentist who do you ask for advice?  You will most likely ask someone you know and trust in your community.  So, it only makes sense that voters want to know how their neighbors feel about the candidates and issues that impact their lives, especially right before an election.

Want to get into the Civil Service?

The Leadership Institute is hosting the Civil Service Opportunity School on November 8-9 to help conservatives serve their country by breaking into the bureaucracy, finding the right opportunity, and being successful.

Sarah Palin Radio Hosts LI Vice President

Sarah Palin Radio hosted Leadership Institute Vice President Steve Sutton on its show Monday to discuss notable LI graduates that are currently running in congressional and gubernatorial races.

The New

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