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Calling all Capitol Hill Job Seekers

 Are you looking for a job on Capitol Hill?  Are you a little unsure of how to go about it?  Join other Hill staff hopefuls at the Leadership Institute's Capitol Hill Staff Training School on the evenings of November 30th and December 1st.  Veteran staff members from congressional offices will give you the pointers you need to make your job hunt successful and your transition into life on the Hill as easy as possible.  

Staff Wish LI President Morton Blackwell A Very Happy Birthday

The Leadership Institute staff wish Morton a very happy birthday.

Today’s November Speaks Rally to Stop the Congressional Lame Duck

This afternoon many conservative activists across the country gathered outside the Capitol for a rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity celebrating the Nov. 2 election victories while expressing a halt to Congress’ lame duck session. Click to see more rally pictures.

Attend LI’s Advanced PR School Monday - Wednesday

This upcoming week the Leadership Institute will host public relations professionals for a three-day advanced school in PR. Get a seat before they are all gone.

Dick Patten Discusses Repealing the Death Tax

This morning at the Leadership Institute’s monthly Wake-Up Club Breakfast attendees had the distinct pleasure of hearing from The American Family Business Institute President Dick Patten in his efforts to repeal the death tax by garnering congressional support.

LI Trained 7 Members of the 112th Congress, 7 State Elected Officials, 4 Senators’ Campaign Staffers, and 2 House Members’ Campaign Staffers

The Leadership Institute trained thousands of conservatives in preparation for the Nov. 2nd election last week, including seven members of the freshman class in the 112th U.S. Congress, seven state elected officials, four U.S. Senators’ campaign staffers, and two Members of Congress’ campaign staffers.

LI President Morton C. Blackwell in the Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner’s Sunday paper shared an exclusive interview with LI President Morton C. Blackwell highlighting his faith in God and in conservative politics.

Election Night Party: View Videos & Pictures

Th Leadership Institute thanks Richard Viguerie and for sponsoring a boat-rocking party at LI's Arlington, VA headquarters. View photos, videos, and Twitter feed of the 542 attendees at the historical election night victory party.

LI Hosts Election Night Party Tonight

Tonight the Leadership Institute hosts conservative and Tea Party leaders for a historical election victory party as Americans vote out the ruling class and welcome constitutional conservatives.

Washington Examiner Op-Ed Written By LI Staffer: Lessons from 1994 for GOP

Washington Examiner op-ed entitled, “Lessons from 1994 for GOP” was written by the Leadership Institute’s very own Director of Political & New Media Training Chris Malagisi.  The piece highlights lessons the GOP learned in 1994 and ought to carry into the elections this week.

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