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Aleq Boyle, attending LI training since 1987

Aleq Boyle attended his first Leadership Institute training in 1987 as a college student. Now he's the president and chairman of his own non-profit organization, Fremont Civics Foundation, but he still comes to the Institute for training.

"My first Youth Leadership School was at Northwestern University in 1987," Aleq said. "Having already worked for the Indiana State GOP, under Gordon Durnell, LI was a way to be connected with many like-minded individuals and grow some understanding about our work."

And the "Oscar of the political advertising" goes to LI faculty Holly Robichaud

A few weeks ago, Holly Robichaud, Leadership Institute faculty for grassroots, received the 2011 Pollie Award for campaign brochure design and was named to the 2011 Aristotle's Excellence Awards Republican National Dream Team. The awards were dubbed the "Oscars of political advertising" by Esquire.

Since 2008, Holly has travelled across the country as an Institute faculty member. She has trained conservatives in school topics ranging from campaigns, communications, to get-out-the-vote efforts. This is all in addition to her work as the founder of the Tuesday Associates, a political consulting company; a political analyst for the Boston Herald; and a columnist for Winning Campaigns magazine. 

Washington Post: Liberals Imitate Leadership Institute Training

As an Institute supporter, you'll like this article from last week’s Washington Post.  It details a new project by liberals to copy LI's media training.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so LI grads should feel flattered.

From the Washington Post: “Brenner [a faculty member] joined the other participants in a wood-paneled room on the carriage house’s ground floor. A camcorder stood on a tripod in the middle of desks arranged in a horseshoe formation. Black and white boards hung on the walls. Brock, with graying hair and blue tie, offered some words of wisdom to the class. Their conservative antagonists had all gone through rigorous media training at the Leadership Institute, he warned, but now they, too, would be armed with the ammunition to compete.”

How Could a 28-Year-Old Activist and Former LI Intern Influence the 2012 Elections?

Sunday’s edition of The Atlantic featured an article by National Journal Political Correspondent Beth Reinhard where she says, “Now, potential presidential candidates know Ryan Rhodes on a first-name basis.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Ryan Rhodes, a former Leadership Institute intern, is a true conservative grassroots activist, arriving here only by way of an unlikely road.

Campaign Management School draws more than 40 conservatives

Florida campaign manager Andrea Penton, Vancouver CEO Julian Haigh, Texan entrepreneur Trent Derr, future candidate Virginian Lynda Fairman, and more than forty other conservatives came to the Leadership Institute for its Campaign Management School (CMS), a week-long, intensive "boot camp" in campaign management last week.

The school teaches students the ins and outs of campaigning through intensive training and real life stories, and in doing so, give students the how-to knowledge they need to succeed. As CMS student Gus Leventis of Addison, Illinois said, "The [CMS] will teach you how to win!"

LI Graduate Hits Washington Post: Top 10 Staffers to Watch on Capitol Hill

Leadership Institute Graduate Amanda Carpenter, who is currently a speechwriter and senior communications advisor to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has been named one of the Top 10 Capitol Hill Staffers to watch, according to the Washington Post.

Americans for Prosperity President Praises LI at monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast

Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, spoke January 5 at the Leadership Institute’s monthly Wednesday Wakeup Club Breakfast. Read on for Mr. Phillips’ personal comments on the Leadership Institute and to watch the video.
Tim Phillips

LI Trains Conservative Activist and President of Control Automation Technologies Corporation

The Leadership Institute trained Mike Watson, founder and president of Control Automation Technologies Corporation, a precision instrument testing laboratory company. Read on for his personal testimony.
Mike Watson

Leadership Institute trained candidates and campaign managers have shocked the political establishment.

Leadership Institute trained candidates and campaign managers have shocked the political establishment.  Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware personally attended LI training.  The campaign manager for Rand Paul in Kentucky and Joe Miller in Alaska are both graduates of the Leadership Institute’s campaign schools. 

Dinner Honors Leader of Conservative Seniors Group

The 60 Plus Association will host a tribute dinner in honor of Jim Martin on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill.  Martin is stepping down after 18 years at the helm of the conservative seniors organization.

Often viewed as the conservative alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons, 60 Plus Association is a leading grassroots organization that has long supported free enterprise, less government, and lower taxes for seniors.

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