White Rose Sale

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Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, steeped in religious tradition.  According to folklore, Saint Valentine was martyred for performing marriages in ancient Rome, despite orders not to do so from Emperor Claudius II.  Since that time, Christians and western societies have used the anniversary of Saint Valentine's death to commemorate romantic love between men and women.

Your pro-life or conservative group can use the occasion to celebrate love for all human beings, including the unborn.  By selling white roses, you can raise money for your local pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) and give back to your community.  There is no better way to send a positive message to your campus and respect the religious traditions behind Valentine's Day than to express love for the most innocent among us.


1. Find your local CPC.  Visit www.optionline.org to find a pro-life center near you.  Simply ask them if they could use a donation from your fundraiser - they will be excited to hear your willingness to help.

2.  Collect the materials.  The most essential items for this event are a large supply of white roses.  You can typically order these in bulk from a local flower shop or even a grocery store.  Tell them the event is for a charity project, and they may even give you a discount.  Other necessary items are a table, a cash box, information fliers to be posted around campus, and a sign for your table explaining the event.

3.   Reserve space on campus.  You will want your table to be in a high traffic location, such as your student union or cafeteria.  Make sure to request the space with plenty of time in advance.

4.   Invite allied organizations.  Ask other pro-life, conservative, and religious organizations to join you in your charity fundraiser.  This is a great way to increase your group's membership and build good will on campus.

5.   Advertise.  In order to have a successful fundraiser, you will need to advertise at least one week in advance of your sale.  Post fliers around campus and send mass emails if possible.  Use Facebook and other social media to get the word out.  Also, make sure to send a press release to campus and local media explaining your event - newspapers love to cover charity events and youth activism.  Market your fundraiser as a way for young men to purchase much-needed flowers for Valentine's Day.

6.  Prepare for opposition.  Don't think that anyone would protest your good-natured charity event?  Think again.  Pro-abortion activists are notorious for their vile and aggressive opposition to anything remotely pro-life.  Have a video camera ready to record any verbal or physical aggression.  Ask protesters why they are opposed to a charity event that provides resources to pregnant women.

7.  Hold a planning meeting.  Create a schedule for volunteers for work your table.  Also go over talking points to address the pro-life issue with customers and passersby.  One or two members should be prepared to handle all media inquiries, and your group's Treasurer should keep a careful tally of the funds throughout the event.

8.  Celebrate life and love!  Sell white roses to students and faculty as they pass your table.  Explain to them that the event is a charity fundraiser to benefit a local pro-life resource center.  If they question the rationale behind your activism, use talking points to explain why you are pro-life.

9.  Advertise again!  Send a press release and high-quality pictures to local media.  A picture of your group delivering a check to your local CPC is best.  They are usually looking for a good story to write - make sure it's yours!