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What I learned at the TV Workshop
What I learned at the TV Workshop

I confess that I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into when I found myself in the front row of the Leadership Institute's monthly On-Camera TV training.

All I knew was that if I’d known I would be on camera, I would have worn more makeup.

Trying not to panic over my impending doom, I...

Online Advocacy and Activism as a Tool for Action

In the digital era, videos that are really popular "go viral."  This is true of online petitions as well - they spread quickly across social networks and a viral petition takes on a life of its own.

For activists, this is a Godsend.  Petitions have historically relied on word of mouth and community bonds to gain traction (and signatures). Today, it’s easier than ever to rally thousands of individuals who share a given point of view and will show their support through signatures and sharing alike, substantially multiplying the impact.

Unfortunately, the Left has dominated the medium through sites like, which has gathered more than 100 million users in support of primarily liberal causes. That success has fueled a myth that the tactic of online petitioning is one that only “progressives” can or want to use. But conservatives are increasingly realizing the benefits — and necessity — of incorporating online tools into modern activism efforts.

Win America Back – through campaign powerhouses
Win America Back – through campaign powerhouses

“I got involved in politics because of Barack Obama’s election,” said Matt Krause.  “I have four kids.  I didn’t want to be the generation that didn’t leave a better country to my children and grandchildren than those who came before me.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard conservatives tell me a story similar to Matt’s.  But I’m encouraged more Americans every day wake up to the danger our country faces and take action.

Matt Krause took the Leadership Institute’s Future Candidate School and won election to the Texas House of Representatives.

What You Missed at CPAC 2016
What You Missed at CPAC 2016

Each year, the Conservative Political Action Conference is a gathering of conservative leaders looking to network, advance conservativism, and learn from some of the greatest minds in the movement.

This year, speakers like Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina rallied conservatives together.  Above the stage read “Our time is NOW,” taken from Ronald Reagan’s CPAC speech in 1981.

At the conference, Leadership Institute sponsored, staffed, and organized of 5 conference events, including the job fair and boot camp training sessions.

03 - 05
Communications Seminar

Location: Rome, Italy

Digital Creative Workshop: Video

Location: Arlington, VA

05 - 06
Direct Mail School

Location: Arlington, VA

Grant Writing Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

San Diego Campaign Academy

Location: Poway, CA

Television Workshop, On-Camera

Location: Arlington, VA

Debate Workshop

Location: Arlington, VA

Debate Workshop, Advanced

Location: Arlington, VA

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